‘The show must go on’

As we are starting to take some steps towards ending lockdown, more questions and dilemmas arise. Shows, festivals, sports and mass-gathering events were the first to be affected, and it appears that they will be the last to return to normal. While some countries have already begun to open their theaters and cinemas, one question […]

Business Unusual

We are all waiting for the moment we can stop self-isolating. However, when that moment arrives, new questions will emerge – where can we go, when and with whom? At this point, we do not fully understand what the exit strategy means, and how it will affect us on the personal level and on the […]

Collective or Selective: Handling the crisis in the national level

The epidemic is here and it is everywhere. The debate has recently arisen whether Israel and other countries with their general closure policy is the right solution to deal with the crisis of Coronavirus (COVID-19) or whether the virus Selective policy and the crisis management that the Sweden advocate will produce better results. The reason […]

How to maintain our national strength and personal wellbeing under quarantine

Covid-19, also known as the ‘Coronavirus’, caught us by surprise. Feelings of stress and uncertainty surround almost each and every individual worldwide. Fears for our health and economy are more than everyday concern- they are real, and ‘tangible’. It is literally, across the corner and almost everywhere. The fight against Corona is a joint one, […]