Crowd Management Solutions

Crowd Solutions focuses on crowd dynamics and provides planning, coordinating, training and management for mass gathering events.

We provide services for cultural events, festivals, sport events, shopping centers, airport terminals and other venues that draw big crowds.

Mass gathering and events present many challenges, but also offer many opportunities.

In order to reach a high quality service while reducing potential overload, a comprehensive action plan and careful assessment are needed; this can prevent accidents, safety faults and to eradicate terror threats.

Proper planning and management maximize the work of the teams operating in the field and giving efficient and precise services. This allows participants to enjoy their experience to the fullest, and enables investors and suppliers to maximize their profits.

Operating under these notions enables a world-class service experience for the participants while ensuring their safety.

You are welcome to contact us for professional consultation. We will provide you with the highest level of service in crowd management, while addressing parameters such as safety, public health and security. We guarantee to provide you with an upgraded customer experience to maximize your profits.

The right combination of 'Safety, Security & Service' can lead to the success of any event


Regulating crowds, removal of obstacles, safety under darkness, obtain all required approvals on altitude safety, public health, construction engineer, fire safety, laser, pyrotechnics, medicine and noise


Planning, coordination and briefing of security teams, prevention of crime and terrorism, obtaining required approvals from the Israeli Police and the IDF


Planning crowd dynamics, reducing queues, utilizing clear spaces, planning and coordinating access routes, traffic and parking directions, fence planning, signage and lighting, coordination with an accessibility expert

Consulting and execution of work plans:

  • Risk assessment

  • Security protocol

  • Safety protocol

  • Crowd dynamics

  • Accessibility

  • Integration between management, security and safety

Event Management

  • Licensing for events

  • Event management

  • Safety Management

  • Security management

Trainings and courses

  • Mass Crowd Dynamics

  • Risk Management

  • Event safety and security

  • VIP security at events

  • Security of facilities

  • Control Rooms

We maintain a variety of collaborations

The vision of crowd solutions is based on the need to provide and create hybrid and dynamic solutions that will meet security at different levels and in different areas. As part of this, the company cooperates with a variety of different experts such as:

  • Safety / Construction Engineer
  • Fire safety engineer
  • Food safety consultant
  • Accessibility consultant