Covid 19 Solutions

Preparation and direction for compliance with the purple standrad

During this challenging period, we are required to comply with the Covid-19 regulations by adhering to social distance, maintaining high levels of hygiene and wearing masks. Many businesses find it difficult to return to normalcy and are struggling to adjust to the new guidelines in their working environment. We are aware that the reality created by Covid-19 will stay with us for the foreseeable future, and therefore we must know how to conduct and maintain ourselves under these terms.

Crowd Solutions provides solutions for crowded spaces such as shopping centers, indoors and outdoors events, concerts, sports stadiums, terminals, main streets as well as offices and restaurants. Our methods ensure proper dynamic planning, and allows business owners and investors to maximize their crowd, even during this difficult time.

We understand that every space is unique in its architectural structure, their function and the type of audience, so there is no uniform solution. Therefore, together with the client, we apply innovative mass management methods in order to allow maximum attendance given the size of the venue or space, while adhering to the Government’s guidelines.

We adapt the crowd management plans to the Covid-19 regulations in order to allow a safe and efficient dynamic of the crowd, and together we plan a strategy that complies with the most up-to-date guidelines.

Each business has its own characteristics and we match a targeted solution according to its needs

Process Steps


Determine the maximum capacity to ensure social distance regulations


Redesign the space to maximize number of participants, under the official guidelines


Place measures to reduce contact between individuals and maintain a high level of hygiene


Create a dynamic structure in order to allow social distance


Obtain the required regulations for opening under Covid-19 guidelines


Ensure the space is a safe zone
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